Vocina:  $405

$45/month, 9 month season   

Bella Voce:  $495

$55/month, 9 month season

Colla Voce:  ★$855

$95/month, 9 month season

Consonare:  ★$900

$100/month, 9 month season

★Includes fall overnight retreat costs (CV & CS).

Sibling discounts are offered.

**Partial, need-based tuition scholarships are available. Request the application

Other expenses:

Yearly Registration Fee:  $55 per singer, non-refundable.              

Casual Uniform:  RYC polo shirt ($25), black long dress pants, black socks, black shoes (This is also Vocina's Formal Uniform.)

Formal Uniforms:  Cost varies by group and gender, between $60 - $85. (Vocina does not have a second uniform.)\

Optional RYC music tote bag: $30, recommended.  Lost music fine:  $25-$30 /folder per concert

Tour and/or festival costs are not included in tuition.

Travel is an essential part of RYC's curriculum and is strongly urged.


Consonare tour TBD for 2018, spring break WA state college performance tour, *est. additional $300.

Bella Voce and Colla Voce will participate in the Ft. Worden's Children's Choir Festival May 25-26, 2018, *est. additional $200.


Vocina will perform at Music in the Parks (Wild Waves/Enchanted Forest) June 2, 2018, *est. additional $65.

     *Optional fundraisers lower amounts