Rainier Youth Choirs

Bella Voce members can match pitch, work cooperatively with others, and participate with focus and a positive attitude.  Home practice is expected so that learnings will 'stick' from week to week. Music reading skills are not required for membership.

Rehearsals are fast-paced, focused, fun, and purposeful. Warm-ups begin each rehearsal introducing and developing important fundamentals in vocal development and ear training. Music concepts are taught using high quality literature and Kodály techniques, including moveable 'do' solfege. Rehearsals often include music games as a fun way to build community and skills.

Regular, on time attendance will ensure that the careful sequencing of instruction benefits each child as much as possible.

'Bella Voce' (behl'-lah voh'-chay) means 'beautiful voice' in Italian.

* Meets once weekly

Cedar Heights Middle School

Mondays 5:30 - 7:00 PM

* Grades 4 and up (4th graders who have been promoted from Primo Voce)

* Directed by Amy Fuller

* A training program introducing vocal, theory and performing skills in preparation for the Colla Voce program.

$65 per month

Bella Voce  (grades 4 and up)

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Bella Voce