Rainier Youth Choirs

Colla Voce is a program for mostly grades 7-9, though other grade levels may be included. These treble singers study more challenging repertoire, and are independent singers with excellent fundmental vocal and music reading skills.

A willingness to work hard, practice at home, and the flexibilty to sing different vocal parts characterize Colla Voce singers. Rehearsals are fast-paced, challenging, and fun.

Colla Voce singers gain confidence in performing while learning advanced theory and high quality repertoire quickly.

'Colla Voce' (cohl'-lah voh'-chay) means 'with the voice' in Italian.

* Meets once weekly

Cedar Heights Middle School

Mondays 5:30 - 7:00 PM

* Grades 7 and up

* Directed by Leora Schwitters

* A group for established singers who harmonize easily and independently. Basic music reading skills are necessary for success in this choir. After 8th grade, most singers move up to Consonare.

$95 per month

Colla Voce  (grades 7 and up)

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Colla Voce