Rainier Youth Choirs

Consonare is an advanced mixed ensemble for grades 9 and up, though younger boys with changed voices and advanced musicianship may join. These singers are known for their high level of performance excellence.  RYC graduates may continue singing until age 21, but college age singers who were not involved in RYC during their high school years will not be considered for membership.  

Consonare singers are independent learners with a shared desire to excel. Individual parts are learned outside of rehearsal so that rehearsals can focus on how parts fit together and move the music off the page and into performance mode quickly.  Rehearsals are intense but often joy-filled teamwork.

Experienced Consonare singers often earn scholarships for university and college level choral programs as both music and non-music majors.

'Consonare' (cohn-sohn-ah'-ray) means 'to sound together' in Latin.

* Meets once weekly at  Cedar Heights Middle School,

Mondays  6:40-8:30 PM

* Grades 9 and up

* Consonare combines Young Women's and Young Men's ensembles

* Directed by Leora Schwitters and Brian Hoskins

* A group for established singers who harmonize easily and independently.  Music reading skills are necessary for success in this choir.  

$105 per month

Photo by Heather Rutledge

CONSONARE  (grades 9 and up)


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