Rainier Youth Choirs

This group offers children the opportunity to grow in confidence and develop their singing voices and musical ears. This joyful exploration of songs and music activities and games prepares the children to perform with confidence and commitment.

These singers must be able to match pitch and  work respectfully with others. Regular, on time attendance will ensure that the careful sequencing of instruction benefits each child as much as possible.

'Vocina' (voh-chee'-nah) means 'little voice' in Italian.


* Meets once weekly at  Cedar Heights Middle School, Mondays 5:30-6:30 PM

* Grades 2-3

* Directed by Karen Martin

* A training program introducing vocal, rhythm   and performing skills in preparation for the Bella Voce program. Monday and Thursday classes combine for performances.

$45 per month

Photos by Kathy Gendreau

VOCINA  (grades 2-3)


Application for Vocina

Grades 2-3