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For those in grades 2 - 4, our friendly staff will lead some fun, echoing activitites to determine ability to match pitch in a short session with parents observing/participating. No preparation is required.

The short vocal assessment for grades 5 and up can be done alone or with another singer, and is designed to be a low-stress situation to assess aptitude, ability and basic music knowledge. Parents may observe, if desired.  

Each prospective chorister should prepare a short song to sing without accompaniment.  Examples: a song learned at school, My Country  'tis of Thee, or  America the Beautiful. Most pop or rock songs are not appropriate. Our friendly staff will check for voice quality, range and listening skills with some fun echoing exercises. We will be looking for the singer's ability to focus and take direction, interest and ability to learn new things, and ability to match pitch.

Singers wishing to join Colla Voce or Consonare must be able to demonstrate music reading skills.

Overall, we are looking for the ability to sing in tune with an unforced and healthy tone, focused behavior, dependability, and an enthusiasm for learning.

Colla Voce, Grades 7-10


                   Consonare, Grades 9 -12

Primo Voce, Grades 2-4

            Bella Voce, Grades 4 - 9

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Grades 5-12

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Grades 2-4